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About The Billboard Music Store

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Tap into the universal appeal of music and the power of an iconic brand. Billboard Music Promotions will help you drive sales, influence behavior, reward customers, or inspire employees with a customized music download experience. A trusted global authority for more than 100 years, Billboard brings recognition and authenticity to your next promotion or incentive program.

spotlight your brand.

Themed storefront
Highlight your brand on your unique Billboard Music Store home page.

Curated song collection
Choose the featured songs and music categories for your storefront.

Customized landing page
Display your product or service on a landing page created especially for your promotion.

Customized download cards
Feature your brand on custom-printed music download cards.

Keep it simple.

Versatile delivery
Distribute PIN codes digitally via email or text, or in-pack, on-pack, or via download cards.

Full service
Cover every angle of your campaign with our site traffic reporting and download statistics.

Proven ROI
Learn how others have found success with us. Read the coverage in Engagement Strategies Magazine.

Satisfy your customers.

English and Spanish
Visitors can access the English or Spanish store and bilingual customer support.

Easy access
Our promotion-only platform means personal information is never saved or sold, so customers don’t have to opt out of marketing.

Huge selection
We offer 11 million tracks across every genre from major labels and indies.

Rich content
Visitors can listen to previews and read artist bios.

Industry-standard compatibility
Visitors can browse the store from PCs, Macs, phones, or tablets, and our MP3 files play anywhere.